A Bristol-based developer, programmer, engineer with a wealth of experience delivering mobile and desktop apps, web sites, APIs, tools and services for tech companies and brands large and small.

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Core: C#.NET (MVC, Web API, Webforms, EF, SignalR, Winforms etc), Xamarin, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Postman, Fiddler
Occasional: Umbraco, Phonegap/Cordova (for iOS, Android, WinPhone etc), Classic ASP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, native iOS apps (Obj C, Swift)


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asp.net MVCAn MVC web api connecting hundreds of UK pharmacies, with NHS Spine integration and SignalR push elements.

asp.net MVCA Win 10 UWP app aiding drug dispensing in UK pharmacies.

XamarinA cross platform app for UK pharmacies.


This is what I've been up to recently (ish):

  • Building Xamarin, UWP, Winforms apps and Api's with a leading creator of healthcare solutions. Xamarin, C#.Net, .Net MVC Web API, SignalR, NHS Spine
  • A Win 10 tablet app for 800 UK pharmacies, adding huge efficiencies to the dispensing process.
  • A x-platform mobile app for a large multi-branch Estate Agency. Heavy involvement in building the .Net MVC Web API and a server-side push message system using push sharp. HTML, Javascript, JQuery Mobile, Cordova, Android Studio, Xcode, C#.Net, MVC, Web API, PushSharp, APNS, GCM
  • An Umbraco 7 site build for a major global baby brand. (C#.NET, Umbraco 7, Javascript, TeamCity)
  • A Xamarin for Android app for a major baby milk brand, reaching 1 in 3 UK mothers-to-be, and modification and maintenance of its native iOS sibling (C#.NET, Xamarin, Xcode, Obj C, Swift, HockeyApp)
  • A mobile app for iOS, Android, WinPhone using Phonegap and a server-side JSON api for a major UK holiday firm (C#.NET, Phonegap / Cordova, HTML, jQuery Mobile, CSS, EpiServer, TestFlight)
  • An MVC 4 Web API wrapper around a com-based back-office system to hook it up with a PHP website