I'm a Bristol-based freelance developer, programmer, engineer with a wealth of experience delivering web sites and applications for brands large and small. I particularly enjoy agency work, where tight deadlines and budgets, and often bare-bones specifications require a nimble, creative and pragmatic approach to development. I'm equally happy head-down coding, requirements gathering, speccing, meeting clients or making coffee.

I'm also Co-Founder and creator of Tokn

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Core: C#.NET (MVC, Webforms, EF etc), JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Umbraco, Phonegap/Cordova (for iOS, Android, WinPhone etc)
Recent: Xamarin
Occasional: Classic ASP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, native iOS apps (Obj C, Swift)


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UmbracoAn Umbraco site build for a global baby milk brand, using Umbraco 7 with MVC.

XamarinAn Android app for a major baby milk brand, built using Xamarin

CordovaA Cordova app with a server-side JSON api, building to replace an existing native iOS app. See Tokn Apps


This is what I've been up to over the past year (ish):

  • A Phonegap/Cordova app for a large multi-branch Estate Agency. Heavy involvement in building the .Net MVC Web API and a server-side push message system using push sharp. HTML, Javascript, JQuery Mobile, Cordova, Android Studio, Xcode, C#.Net, MVC, Web API, PushSharp, APNS, GCM
  • An Umbraco 7 site build for a major global baby brand. (C#.NET, Umbraco 7, Javascript, TeamCity)
  • A purely front-end job building a complex B2B form for the motor industry, with multiple drag & drop file uploads, dynamic areas, datepickers, etc. (Grunt, Bower, Require, Jquery, HTML, CSS)
  • Build of a Xamarin for Android app for a major baby milk brand, reaching 1 in 3 UK mothers-to-be, and modification and maintenance of its native iOS sibling (C#.NET, Xamarin, Xcode, Obj C, Swift, HockeyApp)
  • An Umbraco site for a luxury food retailer (C#.NET MVC, Umbraco 7)
  • A mobile app for iOS, Android, WinPhone using Phonegap and a server-side JSON api for a major UK holiday firm (C#.NET, Phonegap / Cordova, HTML, jQuery Mobile, CSS, EpiServer, TestFlight)
  • An MVC 4 Web API wrapper around a com-based back-office system to hook it up with a PHP website
  • A Facebook app for a major baby-milk brand (ASP.NET MVC4, Entity Framework, Facebook javascript SDK, 35,000 users)
  • A bespoke e-commerce site for UK mountain sports equipment retailer Ellis Brigham / The Snowboard Asylum. www.ellis-brigham.com & www.snowboard-asylum.com (C# ASP.NET, EF4, Umbraco 4)